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Rachel Harrington: Audio

Walk to You

(Rachel Harrington)
May 1, 2007
Walk to you

Oh this heart if it weren’t for you
I’d lock it down I’d lock it good
Take the train out of the south
and watch the rain fall down

But in the meadow I can see
You and me there on the ground

And we might not make it back
And we might not make it through
Could be this one is the last
Time that we
won’t have to see
me walk away
I walk to you

For the faultline I can’t pave
And the waves come crashing through
In the midnight now
I hear your heart beat into mine
Got me under your skin
When the world is so unkind

And you know I’ll let you down
And we might not make it to
Time to walk
down to the lake
where I can wake
My dreams of you

With your head down in the road
You walked out in the rain
Nowhere you have to go
Nowhere you have to stay
Less than you’ve earned
In the price that you pay

But I can’t wait
I see your face
I see your face
I’ll be with you
I walk to you